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News How To Upgrade Without Using Cryptocurrency, Alternative Ways To Upgrade



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As many people may have noticed, for the past month, cryptocurrency has been the only way to upgrade on the forum. While we understand how difficult this makes it on users, it is something that we simply cannot control. Because our forum contains a lot of adult content, most payment processors deem us "HIGH RISK" and thus do not want to process payments for us.

Paypal sucks, even before they limited us and stole our money, a lot of people paid, and PayPal "refunded them" but we of course let them keep their subs, as it is not their fault.

People pay and chargeback on credit cards every so often, and it sucks, but it has come to this now, that we only have 1 option to upgrade, decentralised finance, Cryptocurrency.

While we see it as the future, I also acknowledge how many people are not comfortable giving away as much info to buy Cryptocurrency.

So we have come up with a solution, that while not perfect, is an option for our users: Referral Links.

Before the pitchforks come out, we are not talking about Randomly shilling amazon products, We are looking for members who have products that we sell for a small percentage of the sale amount.

We have a few options already, and they are outlined below.

This thread will be updated as more options become available so that we can offer users a choice.

Just to be clear, even though we only receive a fraction of the fees paid by purchasing products using these referral links, the users will still receive the their upgrades for the same duration as before.

With that said

Please note the following:

  1. Upgrades purchased using the referral links will have to be manually added to your account by a team member. As we are not in partnership with the sellers, we cannot automatically upgrade you. You will receive some confirmation on the purchase and posting that in upgrade help should speed up your upgrade.
  2. Any refunds will have to be processed with the seller. You are purchasing their products, so we cannot refund you. You have to agree to and abide to their refund policy.
  3. We cannot offer product support, nor help with their products. This is a simple referral link where we earn a small percentage of every sale we refer.
  4. If the product you are using the referral link is out of stock, please check back at a later time. Some users add more products later, or the referral link. may have changed

Upgrades and Durations:
  1. Users will be upgraded according to the level of the referral link. Thus if you use a link that promises you VIP, even though we make less, you still get to keep vip for the same time as before.
  2. This system will be for VIP Upgrades only until we find more referral links.
  3. For a smoother and faster transaction, please make sure your referral links are present when making a purchase.


We do understand that this just adds to the frustrating upgrade issues, and trust me, if we could, we would have a simple option to upgrade with credit cards, but we don't. This is just beyond out control. I understand that users want simplicity, but there is nothing more we can do at this point. If you made it to the end of this, than thanks, and as a bonus you now know that we will add options to get extra days with referral links.

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