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Avoid Reviews Dilfenergy

Name: Bella Rome, Dilfenergy, dgafbella

Category: Onlyfans

Pricing: 20$

Regularity of posting: Frequently

Type of content: censored tit pics, lingerie shoots, screenshots from videos

Does PPV: Yes

Your thoughts on the model: I think Bella is hot, not gonna lie. Even though her posts on her onlyfans wall are like censored, i really hate that she baits you with her ppv's.
All horny talk and such in her private message box, but you pay 15 to 40$ a video, where she only talks shit in her bra, or covers up everything.
Definitely not worth it.
With a bit of searching, you'll find her content on forums like this forum.
I haven't seen any ppv videos of her, where she basically tells you in a message that she's all horny and was wet and wanted to masturbate etc.
Only have seen her censored and uncensored pictures.

Would you recommend: No, i would not recommend.
She had a time where her onlyfans was for free, so i subbed.
Bought a few videos, really dissapointed. Yet they were only 15$ videos, her ppv is just money bating shit.
Don't do it.
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