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Forum Rules
  1. No underage content
    This is your one and only warning. Everyone you post must be 18 or over. If you report a post for someone being underage make sure you attach a link with proper proof and details.
  2. Access to this forum is a privilege, not a right. It can be taken away from you at any time
  3. No spamming
    Anything which is posted repeatedly will be considered as spam. Unapproved filehosts, posting multiple requests/begging for uploading any media, not using comments section to make comments, posting same links repeatedly and self promotion outside of the self promotion section
  4. Do not use any link shortening / referral sites such as ad f.ly & shorte.st
  5. Be respectful of other members
    If you are seen disrespecting Staff Members or any other Member on this forum It won't be taken lightly. Don't try to be a smartass.
  6. Before making a request thread please search to see if the content has already been requested
    Use the correct name in the title of the thread, do not use special characters or descriptions. Example: Hot MILF / Big Tits / Russian Cutie / ETC.
    New threads posted in the request section should include social media links or the platform where they post content and at least 1 photo/video of the model.
    Requests that do not follow the above guidelines will be removed, and a message will be sent notifying the thread creator.
    Duplicate requests will be merged into existing threads or removed if it contains duplicate content.
  7. Administrators and Moderators have the right to edit, delete & move threads, replies & links
    All staff decisions must be respected. If you have any issues with a decision, you must contact a Staff Member via Direct Message. Complaining about staff decisions in public or otherwise disrespecting staff members will not be taken lightly.
  8. Do not post links containing malicious software
  9. If you wish to upload a single file larger than 35MB please see the list of approved file hosts
    Links to a file host that have ads, pop-ups, download limits or requires a premium subscription are not allowed.
    Approved File Hosts:
    MEGA, Anonfile, DMCA Gripe, Mediafire, Google Drive, Onedrive, Bayfiles, Dropbox, filemail.com, wetransfer.com, cloud.mail.ru, easyload.io, files.fm, pixeldrain
    Whitelisted File Hosts with ads:
    cyberdrop.me, bunkr.to, putmega
  10. If you wish to embed content such as a gif from gfycat please post the direct link which will automatically embed.
  11. No selling photos / asking for money to upload. This will result in a permanent ban
  12. No D1scord or Tele-gram links.
  13. Reports must be made in English and in proper format.
    When you make reports make sure you put an appropriate REASON before you report anything. If you keep mass reporting just for grieving you will get a ban. Resolving your reports can take up to 24 - 48 hours so be patient.
  14. No scat / Puke / Bestiality / self harm posts or uploads
  15. We do not discuss deleted/removed threads
  16. Request unknown girls in the correct thread
  17. Do not make a new post if you have nothing to share.
    Posts are for content only. Use the comments if you want to discuss things
  18. No doxing
    Under no circumstances the real names or personal information of model should to be revealed
  19. Don't be racist
Hidethanks Rules
  1. Approved File Hosts for Hidethanks
    Mega, Google Drive, GoFile, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Anonfiles, Bayfiles
  2. Don't use hidethanks on images or videos that are hosted on this site.
  3. Don't use hidethanks on temporary links such as WeTransfer
  4. Don't use hidethanks on the links that you found on reddit or other sites
    Users are allowed to tag/mention the uploader in comment box if the links they uploaded are dead
  5. All the dead links will get removed from the public view if you fail to reupload the link again.
  6. You are only allowed to use hidethanks on larger files
    Each video you upload should be above 50 MB and above 1 minute mark
    Hiding photosets is only allowed if the photo count is above 15 and make sure you upload a zip.
    You can only use hidethanks on photos, videos, zips & other compressed files types. NOT for hiding other website urls.
    If you are uploading an Onlyfans RIP you can ignore the video and photo limits
  7. Do not hide videos that have a watermark promoting other site or groups such as te1egram and d1scord
    These kind of videos will get removed if they are hidden or not.
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